Niklas Bender et Gisèle Séginger, Biological Time, Historical Time. Transfers and Transformations in 19th Century Literature


By: Niklas Bender and Gisèle Séginger

Pages: 1–10

Rethinking the Order of Time

From Biblical Time to Darwinian Time: Discourses on the Living World in the 18th and 19th Centuries

By: Pascal Duris

Pages: 13–28

Memory Strata, Geology and Change of Historical Paradigm in France around 1830

By: Paule Petitier

Pages: 29–44

Devilish Words: Pierre Boitard, “maître Georges” and the Advance of Nature

By: Claude Blanckaert

Pages: 45–60


rom Biological Time to Historical Time: the Category of “Development” (Entwicklung) in the Historical Thought of Herder, Kant, Hegel, and Marx

By: Christophe Bouton

Pages: 61–76

“O man! wilt thou never conceive that thou art but an ephemeron?”: the Reception of Geological Deep Time in the Late 18th Century

By: David Schulz

Pages: 77–92

Atavism and Heredity

The Law of Progress, Atavism, and Prehistory in the Belle Époque

By: Arnaud Hurel

Pages: 95–110

Nietzsche, or Culture Put to the Test at the Timescale of Heredity

By: Emmanuel Salanskis

Pages: 111–122

Zola, Hereditability of Character and Hereditability of Deviation: after a Remark by Bergson in L’Évolution Créatrice

By: Arnaud François

Pages: 123–139

Life, Sex and Temporality in Zola’s La Faute de l’Abbé Mouret

By: Rudolf Behrens

Pages: 140–154

Nature and Culture

Time of History and Time of Nature in the Historical Novels of Victor Hugo

By: Niklas Bender

Pages: 157–179

Historical Time, Cultural Time, and Biological Time in Baudelaire

By: Thomas Klinkert

Pages: 180–195

Evolution and Time in the Chants de Maldoror

By: Frank Jäger

Pages: 196–206

Memory of the Body in Proust: Historical Time and Biological Time

By: Edward Bizub

Pages: 207–220

Poetics of Time

The Poetics of Restored Time: Balzac, His Age and the Figure of Cuvier

By: Hugues Marchal

Pages: 223–240

The Evolution of Social Species in Balzac’s Comédie humaine

By: Sandra Collet

Pages: 241–257

Time as Imagined in the Evolutionary Epic

By: Nicolas Wanlin

Pages: 258–278

Evolutionism and Successivity in Antediluviana, Poème géologique by Ernest Cotty (1876)

By: Yohann Ringuedé

Pages: 279–293

End of the World, End of Time: the Theory of Evolution and Its Fate in the Novel of Anticipation

By: Claire Barel-Moisan

Pages: 294–311

A Biologist Literary History: August Wilhelm Schlegel and the Franco-German Natural Sciences

By: Stefan Knödler

Pages: 312–324

Biology and Ideology

Evolutionary Time and Revolutionary Time (Michelet, Flaubert, Zola)

By: Juliette Azoulai

Pages: 327–342

Michelet and La Mer: Biology and the Philosophy of History

By: Gisèle Séginger

Pages: 343–358

“Il faut manger et être mangé pour que le monde vive”: the Zolian Belly amidst Evolution, Revolution, and Convolutions

By: Carine Goutaland

Pages: 359–373

Gobineau’s Heroes are Ageless

By: Pierre-Louis Rey

Pages: 374–388

Darwinus anarchistus explodens: Science and the Legend of the Struggle for Life (Louise Michel)

By: Claude Rétat

Pages: 389–406

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