Nineteenth-Century French Studies is pleased to announce the publication of volume 52 numbers 3–4 (Spring–Summer 2024)

The Editorial Board of Nineteenth-Century French Studies is pleased to announce the publication of volume 52 numbers 3–4 (Spring–Summer 2024). The issue includes a range of articles and reviews that highlight the breadth of the discipline: from the abolition of the slave trade, the fantastic, sexual politics, and hospitality to pessimism, Richard Wagner, alternative energy sources, and Jane de la Vaudère. As such, it continues the journal’s longstanding tradition of covering the full range of studies of nineteenth-century French literature and related fields.


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Nineteenth-Century French Studies volume 52, numbers 3–4 / Spring–Summer 2024




Kylie Sago

Challenges in Commemorating the Abolition of the Slave Trade in the Académie d’Amiens Poetry Contest of 1819 and 1820


Ellamae Lepper

“J’aurai un salon magnifique [. . .] et moi seul j’y entrerai”: Hospitality as Potency in Stendhal’s Armance


Maria Beliaeva Solomon

Frères de race, amis de couleur: Diasporic Solidarities in the French Abolitionist Press


Philip Knee

Morale et désenchantement: Sainte-Beuve lecteur de La Rochefoucauld


Corry Cropper and Sara Phenix

Determinism versus the Fantastic: Toward a Hermeneutics of Enchantment


Adeline Heck

Twilight of the Wagnerian God: Reexamining Huysmans’s and Mallarmé’s Poetic Critique of Wagner


Anne O’Neil-Henry

Coal and Fuel Alternatives in the Novels of Jules Verne


Isabel Maloney

Lucien Descaves on Trial: Naturalism, Sexual Politics and Patriotism in the Third Republic


Joseph Acquisto

“Le point d’interrogation de Clotilde”: Doubt, Experience, and Experiment in Le Docteur Pascal





N.B. In agreeing to publish a review with Nineteenth-Century French Studies, authors retain the copyright to their review and give Nineteenth-Century French Studies the right to first publication of that review. (effective September 2014) 




Belnap, Heather, Corry Cropper, and Daryl Lee. Marianne Meets the Mormons: Representations of Mormonism in Nineteenth-Century France
Masha Belenky


Julliot, Caroline. Monte-Cristo, le procès! 
Emma Burston


Reinach, Salomon, edited by Boris Czerny. Correspondance 1888–1932: un polygraphe sous le signe d’Amalthée
Thomas Stammers





Fraquelli, Simonetta, and Cindy Kang, editors. Marie Laurencin: Sapphic Paris
Victoria Cheff


Larson, Sharon. Resurrecting Jane de La Vaudère: Literary Shapeshifter of the Belle Époque
Mathew Rickard





Acquisto, Joseph. Living Well with Pessimism in Nineteenth-Century France
Karen Humphreys


Best, Janice. Power and Propaganda in French Second Empire Theatre: Playing Napoleon
Susan McCready


Diaz, Delphine, Alexandre Dupont, and Antonin Durand, editors. Femmes et genre en exil au XIXe siècle
Eleanor Stefiuk





Smyth, Patricia. Paul Delaroche: Painting and Popular Spectacle
Jonathan Ribner


Reibel, Emmanuel. Du métronome au gramophone: musique et révolution industrielle
Brett Brehm

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